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4:00 – 5:00 PM


Year 7 – Year 13


THB 6,100

Provider: Top Flight Basketball Academy

Location: Court 2, Sports Complex, 2nd FL

Instructors: Mr. Kevin, Mr. Ike and Mr. Onur


Top Flight Specializes in teaching and promoting basketball at the youth and high school levels. The programmes include clinics, after-school programs, camps, and private individual or group training sessions. Each programme is designed with one aim in mind: to equip students with the skills and the knowledge to become the best basketball players they can possibly be.

The primary focus of all of our programmes is the teaching and reinforcing of the proper fundamentals of the game of basketball. Fundamentals are the foundation of a successful basketball player on any level, from a high school varsity player all the way to an NBA all-star. Success on the basketball court is based on knowing and executing the proper fundamentals in game situations. Many times students pick up bad habits as they learn the game of basketball, bad habits which are very difficult to break as they get older. At Top Flight we believe in carefully teaching the proper fundamentals of shooting, passing, ball handling, footwork, and defense and then consistently reinforcing these principles with hours of practice and repetition with specifically designed drills. Our goal is to provide students with a challenging yet fun atmosphere in which to maximize their abilities on the basketball court. Whether the student is a serious player with aspirations of playing at the high school or university level, or a student who enjoys to play the game merely as hobby or for fun, we guarantee they will see an improvement in their overall skill level after training at Top Flight Basketball Academy.

ECA last day end on Tuesday 6 November 2018.

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Address: The Trendy Building (21st Floor), 2102C, Sukhumvit Soi 13, Klongtoey-Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110