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3:00 – 4:00 PM


Year 2 – Year 6



Teacher: Ms. Heida Doria

Location: Classroom 3303, Elementary Building, 3rd FL



By exploring our identity, we build empathy and community.

The Latino Club is an ECA where latino children from NIST can practice language, dances, play music and listen to the history of the languages derived from Latin. We will look at how we are all connected by our latin roots. Students will learn more about themselves and cultural traditions through play and creative activities. We will also learn about Romans, European Explorers, Latin American Civilizations and their discoveries. Students will have many opportunities to express themselves in their mother tongue. The Club will prepare students to perform a latin dance choreography at Starry Nights. The Latino club is a great place for our Latin students to build relationships with each other and make connections with what they are already learning at home and in some of the World Language classes. We believe that by building empathy and community within our own culture can help make us build stronger relationships within the wider community and the world.

If you speak Portuguese, Catalan, Spanish or Italian please feel free to join us in this fun cultural exchange.

ECA last class on Thursday 7 February 2019.