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3:00 – 4:00 PM


Year 4 – Year 5


THB 5,900

Provider: Satori Dance

Location: Dance Studio, Sports Building, 1st FL

Instructors: Miss Iff


Contemporary dance is a dance genre developed in the mid twentieth century becoming one of the dominant genres for formally trained dancers throughout the world. Contemporary dance utilises techniques and philosophies from contemporary ballet, dance improvisation and modern dance styles. Contemporary dancers train using contemporary ballet techniques as well as non-dance related practices such as yoga and pilates. Contemporary dance can be compared to lyrical jazz it has its unique style which sets it apart. Contemporary dance can be abstract in its approach and challenges the boundaries of dance as an art form. There are worldwide Contemporary dance companies and some of the better—known companies are Alvin Ailey, Complexions and the Neverlands Dance Theatre. Most ballet companies will contain contemporary dance in their syllabus as the foundation of its technique is derived from ballet. Students should expect to learn conceptualized, fluid movement and develop strength and flexibility in a contemporary dance session. Students will develop flow and feel with an inner expression that is unique to contemporary dance.

ECA last class on Thursday 8 November 2018.