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3:00 – 4:00 PM


Year 3 – Year 6


THB 7,400

Instructors: Coach Willy and Fencing coaches

Location: Fencing Area, Sports Building 1st FL (Near nurse office)



Olympic Bronze Medalist, Wiradech Kothny, is excited to start the first season of the Fencing Academy ECA by setting up a friendly fencing environment where students will be able to train with new innovative training techniques. The goal is to bring fencing closer to NIST Students as well as excite students for the sport.

It is also the target for Coach Willy’s philosophy to teach the proper fundamentals of Fencing as a sport. At the Fencing Academy, he does not only teach the proper way of Fencing, but his coaching will also emphasize the values of hard work, communication and goal setting to the students.

The Beginner Program

This program is suited for beginners. Our coaching staff consists of highly qualified professional players and these coaches have more than 10 years of experience in competition and training. The head coach, Coach Willy, can speak fluent English, German and Thai and will make sure each one of his students will receive proper training.

The Intermediate Program

The intermediate program to suited for fencers who have had experience and will focus on more complex fencing actions and planning tactics to tackle opponents. The intermediate program aims to deepen the fencing experience.

ECA last day end on Thursday 8 November 2018.