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3:00 – 4:00 PM


Year 2-4


THB 6,200

Teacher(s): Satori Dance Studio

Location: Multipurpose Room 2, Sports Complex 1st FL



Ballet is derived from the Latin, “ballare”, to dance. Ballet is regarded as the purest of all dance forms originating in the Italian Renaissance courts in the 15th century. Ballet assists with the development of perfect posture and control across core, back, legs and entire figure/physiques. Ballet develops grace and athletic ability that is unique to dancers and athletes alike. An elite male dancer can jump over 2 metres, run to his ballerina and lift her above his head with one hand. He then turn multiple times on one leg whilst smiling and showing no hint of strain or effort throughout his body. An accomplished ballerina can raise her leg to her shoulder while standing without the use of hands. She then can turn multiple times on one leg whilst wearing point shoes. Ballet is suitable for all ages and can be learnt at any age. The greatest male ballet dancer in history, Mr Rudolf Nureyev, started his dancing career at 17 years of age.