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What are ECAs?

ECA is an acronym for Extra Curricular Activities. NIST values the education of the whole child and encourages students to look for opportunities to extend their educational experiences after school through the ECA program.

Who can participate in ECAs?

All Students from EY2 to Y13.

How many ECAs Sessions are there?

Session 1: 28 August 2017 – 10 November 2017
Session 2: 20 November 2017 – 9 February 2018
Session 3: 19 February 2018 – 11 May 2018
( 11 May – All ECAs for EY2, Y1, Y2-Y6, Y7-Y13 except Elementary and Secondary Chelsea, Tennis, Swimming, Fencing, Gymnastics, TopFlight end on 1 June 2018).

When is the Sign Up Period?

The period for parents/students to sign up online for Session 1 ECAs is from 27 August 2018 to 29 August 2018.

Y2-Y6: Monday, 27 August 2018 (7:00 PM) to Tuesday, 28 August 2018 (12:00 noon)
All year levels (EY, Elementary & Secondary): Tuesday, 28 August 2018 (7:00 PM) to Wednesday, 29 August 2018 (12:00 noon)

What are the ECAs timing?

All EY2 and Year 1 activities start at 1:50 PM Monday – Thursday
*For 1:50 PM class, teacher will bring students to their activities venues.
Parents/caretakers are expected to pick up the students from these activity venues at 2.30 PM.

Year 1 swimming start at 2:30 PM.
Parents/caretakers are expected to bring the students to these activity venues after school.
Parents/caretakers are expected to pick up the students from these activity venues at 3.30 PM.

Year 2 – Year 13
Year 2 – Year 6: 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Year 7 – Year 13: 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM and 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM
All Elementary and Secondary activities will start from 2:30 PM onwards. Parents/caretakers are expected to pick up the Elementary students from their ECA venues at 3:30 PM. Students who wait for pick up will wait at the Elementary Office.

All Y2-Y6 must leave the school after ECAs end at 3:30 PM. Elementary students are not allowed to sign up for 3:30 PM time slots.

How do I liaise with Montri Transportation?

Montri Transportation will have access to information of ECA dates and locations. EY2 and Year 1 students will be picked up by bus monitors for the 2:30 vans. Year 2 – Year 13 students will proceed to the bus on their own after their ECAs have ended. In addition, parents also need to follow up and inform Montri transportation of their child’s activities schedule. Montri will contact you with details of your child’s late bus schedule.

How many ECAs can I sign Up for?

Sign up limited to a maximum total of 2 ECA activity days. (1 ECA on each day)

Yr 1
Sign up limited to a maximum total of 3 ECAs.

Yr 2 – 13
Free online ECA’s sign up limited to a maximum total of 2 ECAs.
Paid online ECA’s sign up is unlimited.
All Sports Programs sign up is unlimited.

Please note that if a child has signed up for more than the maximum number of free ECAs, NIST will nullify all of the student’s selections at the end of the sign up period.

How do I remove/change/cancel an ECA?

No changes/ drop outs is allowed after 2 weeks of ECA. If you would like to make any changes before that, you will have to contact the K. Rin , K. Pear or K. Ae at ECA office or via email at Depending on the availability and space, changes will be made as per your request.